Caramel waffle

Some shots from a while back when I was still in the CNY vibe (i'm having my easter break fyi) I remember me feeling super high in these mono pieces that day, as most of them were ordered online and the package arrived my place the day before this shooting.

It's so depressing knowing hundreds of people missing/ got killed in some incidents happened recently, from MH370 the missing flight to the latest shipwreck in South Korea, and cannot do anything to help. I just wish I could be like Elena Gilbert, and go underwater, and save everyone's life. Anyways, let's just keep an eye on the latest news of these unfortunate disasters and pray for the missing people to be rescued..

Good day!Enjoy your long weekend for those who are in Hong Kong!X

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Teen Culture feature

Read the interview HERE 

OMG I'm so excited to share my interview for Teen Cult with you. It's so nice collaborating with them again. Go and read the interview NOW!
have a nice day:)X


2014 CNY

I know it's a bit late (maybe more than a bit) to post the photos and video i took during the Chinese New Year holiday, but I really want to share the happiness I had with you when i look back on the photos today earlier. Sorry for the quality of the video due to some technical problems, hope you enjoy it anyways!

Oh and did I mention Easter break is coming in a week and I've already styled for a shooting plan with and I can't wait reuniting with my boo! So stay tuned! X


Get Up Get Out and Get Something

Boyfriend jeans from Zara shirt from Unique Nike air max

I miss the sunny weather and the flowering shrubs on the day I did this shooting, which is ages ago FYI. There was a thunderstorm few days ago and it was flooding everywhere here in Hong Kong (okay, I might exaggerate a little but two malls were literally devastated by the thunder shower. And there was hail falling, which was more than a bit scary and made me ponder over the causes of the kaleidoscopic weather and the fact that I am actually at fault for polluting the environment and the smell of damp make me feel bad as if adjourning my workout schedule and craving ice-cream cone every day and night.

Before I continue mumbling about how I'm losing everything but weight, I'd like to tell you how much I like this outfit : white blazer, grey crpo sweater, ripped jeans, check shirt and those holy Air Max all together in one look. And this thought is pulling me out from the deluge of introspection. What do you think?

Have a nice day! X

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Dress from forever 21 blazer similar here hat from h&m Nike sneakers

Sequel to the adventure of Sherry from Mare Nubium and me in Sheung Wan on the Saturday almost 3 weeks ago. It seems like yesterday to me blame the post schedule chaos. And the Saturday tests/ lectures/ projects are helping me come to terms with reality.
 Blogger's problem aside, I felt like picnicking while shooting in a daisy printed dress (well..I ascertained that the fact that it is actually a top later but hey who cares?) with flowers blossom in riot of colour behind me. i should probably do some planning on my coming weekend as the weather gets so much better and i finally saw the sun again this morning.

Good day/ night! X.