It's still sweltering here in Hong Kong ever after the turbulent typhoon8's arrival. Find myself staying cool in this lovely onepiece even I'm always wandering in air-conditioning places. And the greeny leaf prints finally add some color to my mono-closet in the last bit of Summer. Looking forward to the end for the endless monsoon rain and the begin of leafy Fall.



all eye-candies from tumblr.

School's started for less than 2 weeks and i'm busy as hell preparing notes and stuff. So I decided to post some soothing images and my recent playlist for you and me to hide from the fierce back-to-school hit or I'm just lazy. My schedule is tightly packed, which is kind of a rare thing, and I suppose i should stick to the plan tonight or I'll be dead by tomorrow. So if you excuse me..


#Summer2014 #ChiangMai

Alas, the last day of the Summer break is here. And i'm posting the pieces of it which made me even more depressed. Before me continue murmuring about how negative i'm feeling, I'm gonna stop and let you guys enjoy the last bit of the Summer merrily accompanied by the eye candies I'd prepared for you. Help yourself! X



monki tank top cotton on shorts nike sneakers egg sunglasses 

The weather gets so much better than the days before me heading to Chiang Mai after the rain, the pouring rain, which allows me to wear my hair down, put on my blazer and my long lost leopard print high-top. Summer is fading before i know it, since i've been steeped in summer-vacation/ travelling vibe editing my Chiang Mai video diary (and it will be up soon, so stay tuned!). In the mean while, i'm thinking making a video about my Chiang Mai haul/ back-to-school supplies , tell me your thoughts!

Speaking of which, i'm kind of excited, and nervous at the same time, about the start of the new school year a.k.a. my very last 7 months high school life tbh. I reckon it will be a memorable yet busy like hell kind of semeter. I'm gonna enjoy the rest of the Summer in my bed with the 2 broke girls. 

nighty night

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Fedora and blouse from hm denim shorts from Lagunamoon back pack from Icefire sneakers from converse

It's getting cooler. And that makes wearing this white embroidery long sleeves blouse and fedora makes sense.  Envy the weather in South Cal or nice places like that, which allows me to wear all the things I like (i.e. knitwear/ THIS BLOUSE/ short denim) at the same time.  Hope I can visit one of those lovely places sometimes..

Speaking of travelling, I'm back from my hometown for classes in school a travel to Chiang Mai next week! Any food/shopping/touristy recommendation would be appreciated! 

sweet dream♥

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