Fedora and blouse from hm denim shorts from Lagunamoon back pack from Icefire sneakers from converse

It's getting cooler. And that makes wearing this white embroidery long sleeves blouse and fedora makes sense.  Envy the weather in South Cal or nice places like that, which allows me to wear all the things I like (i.e. knitwear/ THIS BLOUSE/ short denim) at the same time.  Hope I can visit one of those lovely places sometimes..

Speaking of travelling, I'm back from my hometown for classes in school a travel to Chiang Mai next week! Any food/shopping/touristy recommendation would be appreciated! 

sweet dream♥

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Tee from monki Shorts from cotton on
Doing nothing more productive than shopping online/ reading Before I Go To Sleep aloud/ enjoying a bubble bath ever since I got ashore along with the vacation vibe. You know, it's just too difficult to kiss goodbye to the bed which you spend half of your life with, yes?
Maybe I'll just sleep in the checked tee and those grey jersey shorts in the pictures above tonight, which make me feel cooler(cause the suns finally out after days of raining) and make it way easier to get up, get out and get myself a mouthful of soy milk and 三鮮包子.
Night night.

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Polo from monki dress from cotton on

I'm back at my hometown like the past summer breaks, visiting my grans and taking a break from the stressful DSE (whether you can go to uni or not, it all depends on it, and you merely got one and only shot, the fact that it's only half a year from me makes me kinda nervous, I guess) school life, and the intolerable heat wave. It's literally raining every day here, and tanks and shorts needed to be put back into the bottom of the closet, I kind of miss my torrid love affair with the sun.

It's was extremely hot on the day we shot, my sister and I were plagued by the ubiquitous mosquitoes, and the itchy bites annoyed us even more, despite all of these, I still enjoy the shooting so much in this adorable stripe crop polo and the little black dress. The pieces made me look like I'm few inches taller than I actually was in the jpegs, which amazed me.

Needa join my sister in the gossip girl marathon with satay waiting for us.
Nighty-night. X


INSPIRED: 2014 Top 100 Style Bloggers

I'm featured in the new publication "INSPIRED: 2014 Top 100 Style Bloggers" and I'm so excited to share this amazing news with you! Thanks Angela for connecting me! This publication is really awesome! It features so many of my favourite bloggers (who are way cooler than me) So feel free to check it out! *smirk* Find me on P.57



Sour Patch Kids

All images from tumblr

Being extremely lazy lately, partially because of the humid and sweltering weather, but i think it's mainly due to the summer vibe suddenly hit me like a huge tsunami as the last school project presentation had finished last Friday.

Since Summer break is just around the corner, I decided to get some a sea of inspiration, and get ready and waiting for this coming Saturday.